We provide custom-made financing solutions, individually tailored for each company we are dealing with. Funds required to fuel growth and development of a company may be obtained from a variety of sources, ranging from local or international banks, investment funds, private equity investors, crowd funding platforms and others.

Our main areas of expertise are:

  • Corporate and SME financing advisory;
  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate financing related to acquisitions, refinancing, leveraging and business strategy;
  • Refinancing and restructuring existing financing structures;
  • General business and strategy consultancy;
  • Turnaround and business restructuring advisory;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Reviewing and negotiating existing loan documentations and covenant packages;

We provide assistance in raising new debt, restructuring or refinancing the existing one, review and negotiate existing terms and conditions, provide advice for various situations, assist in mergers and acquisitions processes, take over complex and time consuming day-to-day processes (e.g. bank covenants monitoring during the credit facility’s lifecycle) and others.

Whether you are envisaging an acquisition or a long-term investment or you are aiming at insuring a short-term general corporate purposes credit facility, we are dedicated to provide you the best possible financing solution, tailored for your specific needs and demands.